aotta studio

Creating and Developing Products

Ecological approach and solving problems without damage to environment, with responsibility to nature and people, is our passion. We are not limited by the design sphere and enthusiastically get involved in new tasks. We are engaged in new materials research and production, as well as unique technologies development.

Graphic Design and Creative Idea

Our experience and original approach, as well as our team expertise, allows us to develop key visual, corporate style, layouts for press or for WEB.

Branding / Brand Localization

We create new companies brand and localize projects of major global brands on the Russian market.

We design creative concept, key visual, scenarios for television, radio, and Internet videos. We operate with a full cycle of copywriting.

Design for Points of Purchase

We have more than 10 years of experience developing complex design solutions for points of purchase, stores, showrooms and interactive POS materials.



  • DIA 2005, Design Innovation Award, Finalist
  • Lappset International Design Competition 2009, Winner of the third prize.
  • Slide Plastic Design 2010, Shortlist
  • Manamana Design Competition 2010, Shortlist
  • Fresh collection Competition 2012, for Outsidesign, Shortlist
  • Russian furniture Competition 2013, for Pointex, Winner of the second prize.
  • Nayada ArchChallenge 2013, Shortlist
  • Isaloni WorldWide Moscow SaloneSatellite 2016, Winner of the first prize
  • Isaloni Mobile Italy SaloneSatellite 2017, Winner of the third prize

Studio Founders:


Misha Repin



Tanya Repina



Alexander Bolmat

General manager